Our Values and Build Philosophy


We dare to care.

At AMG Home Builders, constructing a new home is more than a service - it’s a privilege. This is your vision. It’s your story. And we’re with you all the way. We believe that to create a home that’s undeniably ‘you’, everyone needs to be 100% immersed in the process. The designers. The trades. The contractors. Most importantly, you.

Daring to care is in our DNA – and the difference it makes is stark. We ask questions, clearly define inclusions, share the experience. You won’t find us pressuring you into signing a contract - but you will notice us investing a lot of time and energy before we even think about putting pen to paper. Nor will you see us distance ourselves by passing you down the line – instead, we’ll give you one point of contact to keep you informed and in control.

It’s a passion for people that influences everything we do, right down to how we fairly reward our tradespeople (a happy worker is a better worker). They may be old-fashioned values, but they’re opening the door to new possibilities. Every project we take on has the potential to unleash something amazing to the world – we’re here to let that happen. At the end of the day, what it all means is that you’ll remember your experience for all the right reasons – a feeling that stays with you long after the last brick is laid.


Building Relationships

At AMG Home Builders, we know a lot more goes into building your dream home than just bricks and mortar. You’re recreating ‘you’. The journey is deeply personal, which calls for a deeply personal building process.
It all starts by understanding how you live your life, both now and down the track. We call it ‘future proofing’. Will you want a family pool in five or ten years time? Would you like to keep your options open for potential subdivision? These are more than questions, they’re answers. By asking them now, we know to adjust your home design to allow for that pool, or to avoid crossing new lot boundaries.

Bringing a builder’s perspective to the design process is just one of the many advantages of being a boutique luxury homebuilder. And it all stems from our ability to limit the homes we build to between 12 and 15 a year. It frees us up to give each project our full attention, so we can be with you, all the way. Unlike project builders, we don’t have stressed out site supervisors juggling up to 30 jobs of the go. Instead, every build gets close, personalised supervision from registered builders who know what to look out for.

It also means we can set realistic expectations when it comes to price. At AMG Home Builders, we only deliver finished homes that you can enjoy from the moment you turn the key. Cutting corners to meet a price won’t cut it. So when we show you exactly what’s included and how it stacks up like for like, we know you’ll be 100% confident in the value we offer.

It’s an honest approach to building. And at the end of the day, what we’re really building is relationships.


The journey


At AMG Home Builders, we’re with you all the way. Every home we unleash to the world is the result of a personal journey you’ll feel deeply part of.



A beautiful new home tells your life story, making our briefing session the catalyst for the entire project. We’ll sit down for a coffee and chat to find out everything about you – who you are, what you like (and don’t like), how you want to live, your budget, your style. AMG Home Builders places great importance on this first meeting. We listen carefully to what you have to say so that we can better understand and interpret your needs and wants. 
We endeavour to reach a deep understanding of your vision in order to bring to life the home that can best complement your lifestyle.



Taking on board everything we’ve learnt about you, we’ll go away and brainstorm some concepts that capture how we see your home coming to life. When a concept strikes you, we can take the exciting next step – turning it into a unique design.



We’ll team you up with some of Perth’s most talented designers to develop the look and feel of your new home in a way that exudes your unique individuality. Watching your home design develop is truly an exciting experience. Our designers are all up to date with current building trends and aim to blend functional floor plans with fashionable and stylish elevations to create a home that supports the modern family.



Style is nothing without functionality. We’ll work alongside you to develop a floorplan that flows – not just conceptually, but in synchrony with the way you live.



Once the concept and design process has been finalised, you can sit back and watch your vision become a reality. As one of only a handful of homes under our build, your home will enjoy a great deal of time and energy dedicated to quality control. Our directors will work closely with suppliers and contractors to foresee potential problems and ensure everything is as it should be. All the while we’ll share the experience with you, keeping you informed and communicating our ideas as best we can. And if you ever find you’ve changed your mind, don’t be afraid to tell us (it’s only natural). We pride ourselves on the flexibility to turn around amended plans in the shortest time possible. As your home comes to life, we’ll introduce you to our interior design consultant who’ll help you make the finishing touches that exude your unique style.


The journey is the reward


At AMG Home Builders, design is a journey of discovery. Once you free your mind of the preconceived notions of form and function, almost anything is possible. Browse our catalogue of pre-designed homes to see where our imagination has taken us. 


Setting the correct foundations in build terms is the key to constructing a solid home and this is also the case when  AMG Home Builders are engaged to build a home. The design is the first major step in the planning process. We listen carefully to clients needs and wants and work to design a plan that can accommodate their lifestyle and meet their budget. We pride ourselves on our proven custom home design service, but also offer a range of pre-designed homes which are always a good starting point for ideas. Our service also includes an interior design consultant which gives peace of mind that current fashion and trends are being incorporated into the home.



Its in our makeup to change our minds. We fully understand this and do not shy away when it happens. As a boutique building company, we endeavour to communicate our ideas as best we can, but a client may at times come across a design element that they want incorporated into their home. The timing could be bad, but never a problem.

We will act quickly to turn around the amended plans in the shortest possible time so as to not delay the process. A home is probably the biggest investment a person can make in their lifetime, we know and respect this and will always work to delivering complete satisfaction.



The construction process, if not planned correctly, can ultimately undo all the good work that has gone into creating the desired home. Careful planning and co-ordination on site is the final and most important step in the building process.

At AMG Home Builders, we limit our builds to between 12 and 15 homes per year. Our three directors, who are all registered builders, will co-ordinate the build and ensure very close supervision of all homes under construction. Taking control and foreseeing potential problems can only be achieved with small volume. Our dedicated team work closely with suppliers and contractors to bring together the dream that was established all those months ago.

Our sister company, Spadaccini Homes, over the past 20 years has developed building practices that have been well acknowledged through the many industry awards it has received.  AMG Home Builders have adopted these practices and works closely with our sister company to bring to life the dreams of our clients.