Custom Design versus Pre-designed home?

… a good question!

In many cases, a custom design cannot be avoided due to block orientation, shape or a client’s specific needs but starting with a blank piece of paper can sometimes be daunting.  Your vision may not always be interpreted correctly and could result in months of countless redraws to achieve the desired layout.  Starting with a concept that has been already thoughtfully planned, however, can help speed up the process and get you into your home quicker.

AMG Home Builders is proud to introduce our catalogue which is the combined effort of the whole team’s vision and experience to develop homes that cater for the modern family.  We believe they are the perfect starting point for conversation and, with your input, can be customised to perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Another benefit of using a pre-designed range is that you already know the starting price of the home.  This avoids the disappointment of having the perfect home designed, only to have it priced well above your budget.

So what is the answer to the question, custom design versus pre-designed?

There is no clear answer.  Each process has its advantages and disadvantages and can work equally well.  Ultimately it’s down to what works best with you and your requirements.  Having a look over our catalogue, however, can, at the very least, give you a heap of ideas to start with.

Tony Galante