Our Process



The Journey.

At AMG Home Builders, we’re with you all the way. Every home we unleash to the world is the result of a personal journey you’ll feel deeply part of.



A beautiful new home tells your life story, making our briefing session the catalyst for the entire project. We’ll sit down for a coffee and chat to find out everything about you – who you are, what you like (and don’t like), how you want to live, your budget, your style.



Taking on board everything we’ve learnt about you, we’ll go away and brainstorm some concepts that capture how we see your home coming to life. When a concept strikes you, we can take the exciting next step – turning it into a unique design.



We’ll team you up with some of Perth’s most talented designers to develop the look and feel of your new home in a way that exudes your unique individuality.



Style is nothing without functionality. We’ll work alongside you to develop a floorplan that flows – not just conceptually, but in synchrony with the way you live.



The journey begins. As one of only a handful of homes under our build, your home will enjoy a great deal of time and energy dedicated to quality control. Our directors will work closely with suppliers and contractors to foresee potential problems and ensure everything is as it should be. All the while we’ll share the experience with you, keeping you informed and communicating our ideas as best we can. And if you ever find you’ve changed your mind, don’t be afraid to tell us (it’s only natural). We pride ourselves on the flexibility to turn around amended plans in the shortest time possible. As your home comes to life, we’ll introduce you to our interior design consultant who’ll help you make the finishing touches that exude your unique style.