Richard and Alison

We were certainly not disappointed in our choice of builder, they offered a highly personal yet professional service with the flexibility to meet our needs.
From our initial enquiries to final handover, all communications were made in a timely and courteous manner.
Flexibilitywas another bonus for us, letting us make changes along the way. The guidance and advice we were given was very helpful with our decision making and all enhanced our finished home. Nothing was too much trouble and the inclusive approach adopted meant everyone was working towards the best result possible.
All representatives of AMG Home Builders, from the office staff, project manager to the exceptional tradesmen were courteous, professional and always helpful and free with their advice. Their enthusiasm and ethics gave us a sense of ease and trust that we knew we were in the best hands.
We are now well settled into our new home, and we write to let you know how absolutely delighted we are with the final result. Every day we appreciate the finished outcome, and the look of the house still gives us a thrill each time we return home.
We have had so many compliments on the house from family and friends, and from many neighbours and passersby who have watched the progress of the build.

A most heartfelt thank you to you all."



Having built several homes before it was quite by chance that I came across AMG Home Builders by reference. From my very first meeting with Matthew I felt positive about potentially using them and with hindsight they have proven to be everything that I thought they would be. The key things that stand out in my mind about AMG are as follows:

  • They are sincere and realistic from the get go;

  • They are as transparent as is practically possible in regards to costs and expectations in relation to my expenditure guidelines;

  • Most importantly they actually listened to all my requirements and concerns including my request to concurrently bear the cost considerations in mind at every juncture;

  • As a small but highly experienced team the directors themselves are on the ball (supervising) with every aspect of the build and will make constructive suggestions on alternative ideas or approaches when making choices/decisions or faced with issues (as is inevitably the nature of building) and took accountability for the ultimate cost implications. This singular aspect distinguished them from all the builders I had used in the past as i felt they treated my dollars as their own.

  • Having grown under the wings of Spadaccini Homes, their work ethic and ultimate product delivery is without question and second to none. Throughout the design and build process I felt they were an extension of my own eyes and indeed gained increasing comfort from the act that they were acting in my interest at every step of the process, pre-empting potential issues and forthcoming with cost effective alternative suggestions given the challenges of the site and design itself. I have had plenty of experience with renowned builders that when faced with non-vanilla requirements or challenges simply say they can't be done, do not attempt to think out of the box, or associate them with ridiculous cost estimates. With AMG it became quite apparent very fast that they indeed have the skillset, expertise and most importantly the willingness to consider alternatives and work-arounds, always remaining mindful of the associated dollar cost; and yet achieving solutions and results that I didn't feel in any way compromised the ultimate outcome (often enhancing).

  • Not only were any problems addressed and issues rectified (often unavoidable with the best of intentions) without hesitation or fuss, furthermore their attention to detail and the level of perfection was heartwarming to experience during a process that most of us are not only financially heavily invested in but also emotionally and invariably find stressful. Once again this was tantamount to taking full ownership and accountability for both outwardly visible but also the less prominent yet nevertheless significant issues, be they structural or cosmetic. If anything Matthew always has a pre-emptive approach. As such their integrity as individuals as well as builders for me remains unquestionable and something I have struggled to gain comfort in like many other people with in the past.

  • The end product was a house that I truly feel proud to own and indeed privileged to have been built by a builder of quality and repute; that is reflected in every aspect of the level and elegance of finishes, the architectural external and internal appeal and ultimately an investment commensurate with current market trends and future potential growth since most of us are increasingly conscious of spending our hard earned dollars in the right location, on the right products and in a manner that adds value to our daily lives.

What stands AMG out in my mind as I will not hesitate to build with them again, is their professionalism, sincerity, honesty, transparency, high level of skill and finished product; ultimately I felt that I had achieved building through them a quality home (indeed a valuable investment) without the stresses and strains generally associated with the whole process.

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“Before we started our renovation, people we know who have built or renovated told us to expect to have a difficult relationship with our builder. Our experience with AMG couldn’t have been more different. We consider ourselves so incredibly fortunate to have found them. Matt, Adam and their team are simply and undoubtedly the best. From the planning stages of our renovation through to completion, there was nothing that was too much trouble for them to help us with or provide us with advice about, and we felt like we had a partner in the project rather than a relationship of builder and client. They engage the best trades, have an incredible wealth of knowledge of all the latest products and techniques and have extremely high standards. We found them to be great at communicating with us and keeping us informed. Our renovation was by no means straightforward, and although I'm sure it was stressful for AMG at times, they were unfailingly positive and proactive. They genuinely care about their work and Matt's eye for detail is amazing. The quality of their work is outstanding, and it is something that everyone who visits our completed renovation comments on.     


Renovating is a huge investment. It can be stressful and uncertain, but because of AMG, we haven’t doubted our decision for a moment. We love our home, and we know that is because of AMG.  We couldn’t speak more highly of AMG and would recommend them to anyone considering building or renovating without a moment of hesitation. “

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