Our Build Philosophy



Building relationships.

At AMG Home Builders, we know a lot more goes into building your dream home than just bricks and mortar. You’re recreating ‘you’. The journey is deeply personal, which calls for a deeply personal building process.
It all starts by understanding how you live your life, both now and down the track. We call it ‘future proofing’. Will you want a family pool in five or ten years time? Would you like to keep your options open for potential subdivision? These are more than questions, they’re answers. By asking them now, we know to adjust your home design to allow for that pool, or to avoid crossing new lot boundaries.

Bringing a builder’s perspective to the design process is just one of the many advantages of being a boutique luxury homebuilder. And it all stems from our ability to limit the homes we build to between 12 and 15 a year. It frees us up to give each project our full attention, so we can be with you, all the way. Unlike project builders, we don’t have stressed out site supervisors juggling up to 30 jobs of the go. Instead, every build gets close, personalised supervision from registered builders who know what to look out for.

It also means we can set realistic expectations when it comes to price. At AMG Home Builders, we only deliver finished homes that you can enjoy from the moment you turn the key. Cutting corners to meet a price won’t cut it. So when we show you exactly what’s included and how it stacks up like for like, we know you’ll be 100% confident in the value we offer.

It’s an honest approach to building. And at the end of the day, what we’re really building is relationships.