About Us


With you, all the way.

Just like our beautiful designs, AMG Home Builders was conceived from a new line of thinking. Working as registered builders, Rob and Adam Spadaccini, together with Matthew Kriskovich saw something amiss in the industry - a power imbalance in the building process. It had become convoluted and transactional, clouded by closed communication. People were feeling like just another number, carried away by the process and held at a distance so that they hardly knew what was happening on site, let alone their bank statements.

Something had to change. So in early 2016, Matthew & Adam & Rob decided to unleash something new to the world – a boutique building company that dared to care.

Today, backed by the storied 20-year history of father company Spadaccini Homes, AMG Home Builders has forged a reputation for showing what’s possible when we open our minds and share this rarest of life journeys, together. Our beautiful, stylish and effortlessly functional designs reflect our collaborative approach, unleashing something truly memorable to the world. It’s your vision - and we’re with you, all the way.