About Us

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With you, all the way.

Just like our beautiful designs, AMG Home Builders was conceived from a new line of thinking. Working as registered builders, Rob and Adam Spadaccini, together with Matthew Kriskovich saw something amiss in the industry - a power imbalance in the building process. It had become convoluted and transactional, clouded by closed communication. People were feeling like just another number, carried away by the process and held at a distance so that they hardly knew what was happening on site, let alone their bank statements. Something had to change. So in early 2016, Matthew & Adam & Rob decided to unleash something new to the world – a boutique building company that dared to care.

Today, backed by the storied 20-year history of father company Spadaccini Homes, AMG Home Builders has forged a reputation for showing what’s possible when we open our minds and share this rarest of life journeys, together. Our beautiful, stylish and effortlessly functional designs reflect our collaborative approach, unleashing something truly memorable to the world. It’s your vision - and we’re with you, all the way.


The Spadaccini Relationship - Keeping it in the Family

Over the past 20 years the Spadaccini name has been synonymous with luxury home building in Perth. As recently elected President of the Master Builders Association of WA (MBA), owner Rob Spadaccini is a revered figure in the industry, renowned for flair, attention to detail, and top end craftsmanship.

Rob has proudly passed on these building principles to Adam & Matthew, who brings them to life as Director of AMG Home Builders. So while we’re proudly a boutique building company with our own unique product and approach, the Spadaccini influence shines through in all that we do.


The People Behind Our Homes

At AMG Home Builders, our passion for people allows us to share the building experience with you. We treat every home build as a privilege, and genuinely anticipate hearing all about your life and vision.
We’re going to be working closely together on your new home build. So before we get to know you, take the time to get to know us.


Adam Spadaccini

Building is in Adam’s blood. The son of Italian migrant parents, Adam grew up spending school holidays watching his dad at work for the family building business, passing bricks and growing an appreciation for his work ethic. Despite being good with numbers, Adam passed up the chance to study as an accountant or stockbroker to chase his inner passion for building – and he’s never looked back since. Today, it’s all the small things that motivate Adam. Handing over the keys and sharing the client’s emotion after seeing a deeply personal vision come to life. Seeing the home go ‘live’ with electricity, as if the heart of the house has been switched on. And just like his father, Adam’s old school values remind him that every day is the chance to make the client remember their experience for all the right reasons.


Matthew Kriskovich

Like Adam, Matthew was brought up in a construction environment, his father a qualified cabinetmaker and joiner of over 50 years. After the family moved to Perth from Auckland in 1983, Matthew would help his dad out on weekends and during school holidays, going to the factory or helping out onsite. Brought up in a similar area to Adam, the pair knew of each other from a young age. Then after finishing high school, Matthew landed a part-time labourer job with Spadaccini Homes, the business of Adam’s brother Rob. Growing up together, Matthew and Adam share common values, goals and work ethic, so it was only natural that they would go on to start AMG Home Builders together and enhance the lives on many.


Tony Galante

Tony brings to AMG Home Builders 17 years of home experience. Like Adam and Matthew, Tony loves asking questions to understand the lives of others and, ultimately, design a better home. For Tony, drawing isn’t just a job – he really loves the process of taking a blank sheet of white paper, not knowing what it could be tomorrow, and turning it into something new and exciting. “I get a big kick out of knowing that I’ve made a difference. Building is a minefield of potential explosions and guiding one through that field is always a challenge. But, when you get them to the other side (relatively) unscathed, it brings a big smile on my face.”